About Us

Sharing Vision is a Telematics (ICT) Research Institution based in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. We invite professionals to build great era of IT and Telecommunication in Indonesia with the right global context. Unique condition of politics, economy, social and cultures in Indonesia requires unique vision, perception, solution and practical management of communication and information technology.

Sharing Vision is a forum combining interactive seminar, training, discussion and consultation regarding interesting themes in Information Technology and Telecommunication Business. This forum was formed in 2001. It has been succeeding to produce management practice and vision for 3000 top executives in Indonesia. Regular forum is held every month in Bandung in forms of Sharing Vision and Step By Step Approach (SBSA). As for non-regular forum, it is held according to partners’ demands.

The chairman is Dimitri Mahayana, specialist and practitioner in IT and Telecommunication. Other specialists are Arry Akhmad Arman and Eduardus Primus de Rosari. Some researchers in the same field are Budi Sulistyo, Fran S Sjam, Willy Goenawan, Hadi Askary , Bambang Haryanto and Ali Akbar. There are also some expertises and researchers of various fields.

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